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About Sababa Tours

- Sababa Tours is eight years of experience in Israeli tourism

- A company that aims to make your stay in Israel out of the ordinary and which aims to satisfy all your expectations. This is the reason why we put a lot of energy into making it really a little above the rest.

- More than 1000 customers already satisfied with our services to date

- Always available to the customer

- Punctuality and listening are our key words

- We can also book for you: hotels, tourist vehicles, sights, restaurants etc.

Get the services of a tour guide such as Sababa Tours

Offering the services of a private tour guide can make your life easier by giving you the possibility of not only no longer having problems with the language, but also to discover very interesting places that are not always registered in the most famous guides.

Having a private guide can therefore be a real way to save time and money, knowing that the best is still to opt for a guide that is sworn in, that is to say, who is written on the guide book by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

This will allow you to have at your disposal a reliable person, who can offer you a quality service. It must be noted that there are still no mobile applications that can allow a correct and reliable translation of a conversation with a local, or in any circumstances that may justify the need for a reliable translation.